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Ladies History & Honours

Neston Ladies started in 1972 and has grown steadily over the past 40 years, ​reaching our highest ever position, the North Premier Division for 2021/22.

In 1972 the Wirral Ladies Hockey Team, a nomadic group of players who played in green tops and in places such as the Bebington Oval and Woodchurch, came to Neston. They were invited by the men at the time, because one of their players, Deryn Ennion, was married to Brian Ennion who played cricket and a little hockey at Neston.

The rest is history and they soon wore pink like the men and a number of young players like Gwen Peers and Sue Totty who started at that time have daughters that are involved with the Club today! They had two teams from the start and played friendly games to begin with until hockey leagues started in the mid 1980's.

Sue Naylor was a prolific goal scorer at that time and along with Kate Dean, Sue Smith and with Gill Cussons in goal, they made up the core of the side. Deryn's husband Brian, who played 1st team cricket and a little hockey at Neston took up the coaching of the side - he made such an impact that they drew with international laden Hightown, using a unique 3:3:3:1 system that baffled the opposition!

The early side integrated well and also played mixed hockey winning the famous Sale mixed 7 a-side competition, with Geoff Poole and Nick Mullen in the side.

By the mid 1980's we entered the local league and won it and started to become a team to beat! In the 1980's Delia Hegginbottom joined the club and got busy encouraging and organising the section along with Sue Mathew- Jones. We rose through the ranks and by 1991 had won the U18 National title, with Sue's husband Trevor Mathew-Jones coaching these great group of girls; Rachel Crisp, Ali Brooker, Claire Nugent and Sally Kurton and the others who made up that team. They also went on to represent England in the U18 European Cup in Holland.

By the mid-1990's we reached North Division 1 and stayed there for a couple of years, before there was a 'falling out', with most players moving 'en masse' to another club! This left the club decimated and without a 1st Team, so the 2nd Team became the 1st Team with Liz Tappin finding herself as 1st Team Captain!

Lisa Morris took over while Cat had a break for maternity leave and we won Cheshire Division 2 and then Sarah Fearnley took on the Captain's arm-band while Lisa was on maternity leave!

We took on a coach in Ben Hodkinson in 2011 and as a result of a number of girls returning and Ben's experience we won Cheshire Divisions 2 and the following season, Division 1. Then incredibly we gained promotion from North Division 2 in 2013 and Division 1 last season, 2014! That is four promotions in as many seasons! Hence we won the England Hockey Ladies Team of the Season 2014.

The Ladies Team of 2014 were voted England Hockey Team of the year.

Our Coach this season is Ken Gardiner who has coached at Brooklands and Neston Mens 1st Team. Quite a climb in such a short time, but with young players coming through the junior training and success at Junior level this year, we have new blood already in the system.

The Ladies 1st Team are the clubs most successful senior team of recent times and won The North Division 1 in March 2014 following the previous three seasons of league champion status and promotion! They got promotion into the National League for the first time in 2021/22, although they have come back down, they are keen to experience it again. Present Club Captain Hannah Newall leads the girls into 2022/23.

Ladies Senior Honours

North Div 1
1st 2013-14

North Div 2 West
1st 2012-13

Cheshire Division 1
1st 2011-12

Cheshire Division 2
1st 2010-2011

Girls Junior Honours

U18 Girls
Cheshire Winners:

North Winners:

National Winners:

Cheshire Winners:
Cheshire Runners-Up:

Cheshire Winners:
2012, 2014
North Runners-Up:

1st Team Captains

1972-74 Gill Pollard
1974-78 Deryn Ennion
1978-79 Louise Abbott
1979-82 Deryn Ennion
1982-84 Kate Dean
1984-86 Deryn Ennion
1986-87 Pat Bernard
1987-90 Barbara Gardiner
1990-91 Louise Everitt
1991-94 Paula Hudson
1994-96 Emma Pitman
1996-99 Tania Poole
1999-00 Claire Temple
2000-03 Liz Tappin
2003-04 Sarah Jones
2004-06 Sue Mills
2006-10 Cat Peers
2010-11 Lisa Morris
2011-16 Sas Fearnley
2016- Hannah Newall

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